Able Tactical - Firearms and Tactical Training
42 S. Wyoming St.
Guernsey, WY 82214
(843) 575-1911
Welcome to Able Tactical
Your Premier Firearms and Tactical Training provider. We guarantee that your experience at Able Tactical will be far more than a learning experience. It will be an innovative training that will change the way you confront the world. We will provide you with the knowledge you need to win the fight as well as the awareness to predict and avoid the dangers we face in the world today. Able Tactical uses several methods to deliver this instruction; our experience in Law Enforcement and Military, our skills developed over years of training, combat operations and competition, our understanding from the point of view of the diversity of our staff and students and most importantly your pre-existing abilities and knowledge of how to survive. We will occasionally suggest major changes in some areas and minor corrections in others. Most of us survive every day using our own common sense. It’s the time where common sense needs something more that we will provide.